6 Reasons to Choose Doctors in Israel for Your Medical Treatment


More and more people are looking for doctors in Israel to treat their medical conditions. Ichilov Hospital has a stellar team that demonstrates why the country has become one of the world’s healthcare leaders.

Data retrieved by the Ministry of Tourism shows that around 30,000 medical tourists travel to the country each year. These individuals visit Israel to receive treatments or undergo surgical procedures.

Why are people choosing doctors in Israel to treat their medical conditions or perform their operations? Does this country have a solid healthcare system?

This article explores the reasons why people from all over the world choose Israel’s doctors to maintain and restore their physical health. Read on to find out if traveling to this country for your medical needs is a good idea.

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1. A Strong Public Health System

A survey on well-developed public health systems showed that Israel is considered one of the best countries to get medical care.

What International Data Say

According to the 2023 US News & World Report, which is based on comments from over 17,000 global respondents, this country is ranked #19 in the world’s most robust and technologically advanced public health systems.

Hospitals in Israel

Israel hospitals and medical facilities are equipped with innovative technologies and tools to offer the best treatment options to patients. Additionally, medical professionals undergo rigorous training to ensure they deliver optimal healthcare.

2. Knowledge and Technology

Doctors in Israel are known for their extensive knowledge. In this country, professionals are exhaustively trained to meet the most stringent medical standards.

A Description by the Government

The government says: “Medical tourism in Israel is an ever-increasing phenomenon [ … ]. Tourists have been coming to Israel to receive treatment in the Israeli health system due to its excellent knowledge and technology.”

Robust Healthcare and Education Systems

Both the healthcare and education systems are robust and strict, ensuring that medical professionals can provide high-quality care. Patients traveling from other countries will be treated by doctors with extensive experience in advanced treatments and procedures.

Israel is renowned as a global leader in medical technology. The government has heavily invested in innovative health solutions to strengthen the national healthcare system and create an optimal environment for mobile and E-health implementations.

Plus, the United States Government explains that Israel’s public healthcare system meets international standards. It has described the country as a global technology research and development center.

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3. Affordability

Spending just 7.5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GPD), Israel has built one of the world’s most advanced health systems at a relatively low cost. However, it hasn’t sacrificed quality.

A Comparison

In Israel, medical treatment and surgery options are typically more affordable than in other developed countries, including the United States and Canada.

Affordable but Great Services

Despite the affordable prices in Israel, doctors are knowledgeable enough to provide world-class services. Plus, this nation takes pride in offering modern facilities with fortified technological systems.

4. Expertise in Various Fields

As mentioned, Israeli doctors undergo exhaustive training to equip themselves with extensive knowledge about medical procedures. This includes advanced education in specialized fields.

Seasoned Doctors

In Israel, doctors have built a strong reputation for their knowledge in different areas, such as neurology, cardiology, oncology, and fertility treatments.

Training on Emerging Fields

Many Israeli medical professionals have specialized in emerging medical specialties expected to gain relevance in the future, including telemedicine, cell-engineering therapies, and robotic surgery.

The country also relies on foreign-trained professionals to provide exceptional medical services. According to 2020 data published by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), 58% of Israel’s doctors had obtained their first medical degree abroad.

5. Shorter Wait Times

Israel has also grown in popularity as a healthcare hub due to hospitals’ shorter wait times. In many countries, patients have to wait months and even years to receive treatment or undergo a surgical procedure.

However, wait times in Israel are different. Medical tourists visiting this country can treat their medical conditions or injuries quickly. Scheduling an appointment and undergoing procedures won’t take ages.

6. New and Advanced Treatments

Thanks to the nation’s innovative technology, fortified systems, and intensive training, Israel is on par with other countries that lead medical research, such as the United States, Norway, and Switzerland.

Medical Development

The country’s scientists focus on various specialized medical fields. In recent years, professionals have been studying bio-convergence. It’s a multidisciplinary method that combines medicine, engineering, and computerized systems.

What Is Bio-Convergence?

Bio-convergence is expected to solve common challenges in the medical industry by speeding up diagnostics, bringing new pharmaceutical drugs to the market, and creating advanced medical materials.

Research-focused Universities in Israel

These are the two Israeli universities that have gained recognition for their medical research efforts:

  • Tel Aviv University, which runs the country’s largest bio-medical research framework
  • Weizmann Institute of Science, which is one of the world’s leading research institutions focused on natural and exact sciences
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Where to Find the Best Israeli Doctors

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Ichilov Hospital

Ichilov Hospital takes pride in offering advanced medical treatment options integrated with world-class technology and experimental therapies that meet international standards. Plus, our staff has been extensively trained to provide exceptional care to patients.

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Why Choose Ichilov Hospital

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  • Bilingual staff: Patients can choose English-speaking doctors, so there will be no language limitations.
  • Achievements: Our hospital has been accredited with a gold seal of approval by the Joint Commission International due to our knowledgeable staff and exceptional services.

Final Thoughts

Israel has established itself as one of the world’s best countries to seek medical treatment thanks to its robust healthcare system. Global patients choose it for its affordable services, top-class technological structure, and exceptional staff.

If you think this country is the ideal place to treat your medical conditions, remember that you can find the best Israeli doctors at Ichilov Hospital. Fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation with our exceptional team.