Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov): Treatment for Everyone


With world-class technology, a focus on education, and international accolades, the Sourasky Medical Center has a lot to offer. With services designed to cater to both domestic and international patients, you can expect dependable patient care when you choose this facility. Thanks to translators, telecommunication, and other amenities, people from around the world can take advantage of the many benefits this medical center has to offer.

When faced with a health issue, no matter how minor or serious, finding the right healthcare facility becomes paramount. 

That’s because global leaders in the field of medicine offer patients access to a host of technological advancements, medical specialists, and collaborative services designed to offer the best solutions to their problems.

With a host of benefits, including those mentioned above and more, the Sourasky Medical Center, otherwise known as the Ichilov Hospital or Medical Center, aims to improve patient care


About the Sourasky Medical Center

The Sourasky Medical Center is a bustling hub in the medical community. It is situated in Tel Aviv, Israel, and was founded in 1963. 

From humble beginnings, this medical facility grew to encompass six different buildings: 

  • Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital
  • Ted Arison Medical Tower
  • Lis Maternity and Women’s Hospital
  • Ichilov General Hospital
  • Sammy Ofer Heart & Brain Building
  • Adams Health Science & Rehabilitation Building (which is still in the planning stages)

It is one of the largest medical facilities in Tel Aviv, Israel, and stands tall as a beacon in a bustling metropolis. With an extensive medical team and a comprehensive set of facilities, this medical center is well-positioned to deliver world-class patient care.

Technological Advancement

Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center is also at the epicenter of medical breakthroughs, investing in cutting-edge equipment and doing revolutionary studies. This drive for innovation results in increased capacity for diagnosis and healthcare options for patients. 

The medical center’s research projects contribute to the worldwide corpus of medical knowledge, establishing it as a leader in medical research and development.

Services That Span Multiple Disciplines

Sourasky Medical Center is well-known for its wide spectrum of health-related specialties, which span almost every element of healthcare. 

From oncology and cardiology to neurology and orthopedics, its commitment to delivering diversified and cohesive medical services guarantees that patients receive comprehensive care under one roof. 

This multifaceted strategy encourages teamwork among medical experts, establishing a culture of quality and innovation.

Patient-centered Medical Care

When you see a doctor, you don’t want to feel like you’re just another number or statistic. With Ichilov Hospital or Sourasky Medical Center, this is not what you get. 

A patient-centered approach guarantees personalized medical care, tailored treatment methods, and a caring environment where treatment is fueled by a passion for serving others. Follow-up support ensures that you are following the treatment plan laid out for you by your healthcare practitioner.

International Accolades and Recognition

This world-renowned treatment facility has received international recognition for its outstanding level of healthcare. The medical institution has been recognized by prestigious healthcare organizations and follows strict quality and safety guidelines. 

This international recognition has made it an attractive option for medical tourists looking for excellent medical treatments.

Understanding International Healthcare

At this point, you might be wondering why you should invest in international healthcare. After all, there might be suitable institutions near you in the country in which you live. 

However, understanding the reasons why medical tourism might be a fantastic option is essential.

You Can Save Money

One of the most important aspects driving medical tourism is the possibility of cutting costs. In many circumstances, different countries offer more economical healthcare services, such as medical treatments and surgeries, than others. This draws people looking for high-quality care at a lower cost than they would pay in their native country.

The fact that Ichilov or Sourasky Medical Center offers this benefit makes it a viable option for those wishing to find more affordable patient care at world-class standards.

No Waiting Around

In places where the healthcare sector is saturated, there may be incredibly long wait times for certain procedures or treatments. By pursuing healthcare in another country, you can prevent this and fast-forward your treatment regime.

Services and Treatments That You Wouldn’t Otherwise Have Access to

When you choose Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv, you can enjoy access to technology, treatments, and facilities that you might not otherwise enjoy in the country where you live. By traveling to Israel, you can receive medical care from a facility that is at the forefront of innovation in the medical industry. 

This allows you to receive better care and possibly even increase your chances of addressing your ailment more effectively. 

Double Benefits

Medical tourism doesn’t just have to do with receiving access to cutting-edge technology. Many people travel to experience the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells, so receiving treatment at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center or Ichilov Hospital can offer a unique opportunity to experience this metropolis. 

You can take in the cultural diversity and enjoy the food scene when you travel to the city for treatment at this medical center. There is also a plethora of activities to do with the kids, making your trip a worthwhile and memorable experience for the whole family. 

Plus, you’ll be treated by global leaders in the healthcare industry, making it twice as beneficial.


What International Patients Can Expect from Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center

Ichilov Hospital is an internationally recognized facility, but it didn’t just earn this title by offering typical medical care. No, the medical center goes above and beyond to ensure that effective treatment is administered to patients from around the world. 

The progression of technology has transformed the way healthcare providers communicate with their patients. This means that you can enjoy medical advice from a reputable physician using the Internet.

Telecommunication, which involves the transfer of material via the Internet, can help you get sound advice without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Furthermore, language barriers are another concern among international medical tourists, and Ichilov Hospital or the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center addresses this issue by ensuring that translators are available to streamline the process.

Follow-up services are also offered, which means that your physician won’t just offer advice or treatment but will also follow up with you to check whether your health is improving or if your medication needs to be changed.

Domestic Care

While Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center or Ichilov Hospital has received numerous international accolades, it’s important to remember that it does not cater solely to global patients. 

Much of its patient base includes domestic residents. To ensure that these individuals also receive access to world-class care, the facility places an emphasis on cutting-edge technology and a patient-focused approach. 

The medical center boasts 1,500 beds, making it a great option for in-patient treatment, and the option to receive care via telecommunication also makes it a fantastic choice for those living in Tel Aviv, Israel.

If you have just moved to the city, the good news is that translators are available to help you and ensure that you are able to receive medical treatment, regardless of where you are from.

A Teaching Medical Center at the Forefront of Medical Research

When you choose Ichilov Medical Center, you are also promoting a learning-centered approach. Healthcare professionals are offered a unique opportunity to enjoy a well-rounded and innovative learning environment where students get to experience patient care outside of the classroom. 

The Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv makes important contributions to medical study and development. With a focus on quality healthcare driven by research, the hospital takes an active role in clinical investigations, pioneering research, and the invention of cutting-edge medical technologies.

In this way, medical science as a whole is impacted, but patient care is also influenced by this focus on research and development.


Treatment for an Array of Ailments

When selecting a healthcare facility, it is important to look for one that supports a wide range of ailments. This means that when faced with a number of different health concerns, you won’t have to visit a different medical center to have your problem addressed or settle for subpar treatment. 

The Ichilov Medical Center offers a plethora of disciplines with renowned experts available to help you address your health issues.

Final Thoughts

Sourasky Medical Center is a holistic and world-class facility that has positioned itself as a leader in the medical field. It has also included a broad range of disciplines in its offerings, making it a reliable choice for both international and domestic patients. 

Plus, with the facility being at the forefront of innovation, you can expect high-quality diagnosis and treatment from healthcare professionals who have received well-rounded treatment.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with the facility, be sure to visit the “Contact” page on the website and fill out a form to receive personalized healthcare from a cutting-edge facility that is world-renowned.