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Come receive medical care at Ichilov - the largest
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Care at Ichilov

Hospital is 75% less

costly than

comparable care in

the US and Europe!

Care at Ichilov Hospital is 75% less

costly than comparable care in

the US and Europe!

One of the most advanced levels of medical treatment in the world

Ichilov is one of the best hospitals in the world, and is a leader in many fields of medicine.

Israeli medicine combines medical techniques from the US and Europe, and is therefore able to make exceptional strides.

Despite the high quality of care and an approach to care that is comparable to the largest hospitals in the world, the rates for care at Ichilov Medical Center are significantly lower than for comparable care in the United States or Europe.

The differential in cost may be as high as 25% when compared with similar care in Europe or the United States.

The cost of care varies among patients according to the type of care required. Our representatives will be happy to help you receive a rate proposal that is right for you.

The best results,
at the best rates

Integrating the most innovative experimental therapies in the world

Even in cases where medicine has given up, Ichilov Hospital has something to offer.

The hospital integrates the most innovative and advanced experimental therapies in the world, with the goal of raising the percentages of recovery and bringing relief to patients.

After your medical file has been examined by the most qualified doctors, we will be able to match you with an appropriate experimental treatment.

Arrangements with the Insurance Companies

Ichilov Medical Center is recognized as one of the largest hospitals in the world, and works in cooperation with the largest insurance companies to ensure the reimbursement of costs for insured patients.

Our representatives will be able to help you investigate your eligibility for reimbursement of the costs of care from your private insurer.

Close Accompaniment
Throughout the
Period of Care

Including transportation to treatments, assistance in finding accommodation, personal service in scheduling appointments and medical procedures, and access to the best experts in Israel in the field of medicine.

Ichilov Hospital, in conjunction with Imedical, offers a professional private medical service at competitive prices. The goal of the hospital is to supply Western-world care with a personal and dedicated approach.

More than a million people have received medical care at Ichilov. Our medical procedures conform to the highest standards of Western medicine. Diagnosis and medical procedures are performed with the latest, most up-to-date medical instrumentation in combination with innovative technologies and techniques.

Service, professionalism and innovation, years of experience along with private medical service from Imedical in cooperation with Ichilov Hospital in Israel.

Private and Professional Medical Service With a Personal Approach, at the Most Affordable Rates in the World

In June 2017, Sourasky Medical Center Tel Aviv was again awarded an accreditation of quality from Joint Commission International (JCI), the worldwide organization that certifies hospitals for their quality and safety. This Gold Seal of Approval® is the most stringent documentation issued to hospitals throughout the world, and reflects the highest standard of excellence in medical care.

The survey leader of JCI has determined that Ichilov Medical Center is recognized throughout the world for its exceptional and world-class medical staff, care and support.

Medicine in Israel is among the most advanced in the world; and it combines European and American methods of treatment, as well as experimental methods of care that have been defined as groundbreaking. Among the leading hospitals in Israel are, among others: Assuta Ramat Hachayal, Sheba-Tel Hashomer, Rambam, and above all Ichilov which is leading medical innovation at an international level.

Throughout your entire treatment in Israel, you will enjoy a comprehensive system of consultation from first-ranked, English-speaking physicians.

Areas of Care


Treatment for cancer, general and oncological surgery


Emergency care, surgical and orthopedic procedures


Treatment for adults, children, and orthopedic oncology


Transplants complicated by a different blood type and antibodies hostile to the donor, transplants with difficult comorbidities and HIV


Hospitalization at a high standard, neurosurgical procedures and treatments


Interventional cardiology and catheterization, heart failure and heart disease, prevention and rehabilitation of the heart


Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the brain and the peripheral nervous system


Treatment of skin diseases, skin cancer, cosmetic medicine, hair and psoriasis


Eye surgeries and treatment of eye diseases and infections, injuries within the eyeball

Plastic Surgery and Microsurgery

Plastic surgeries and operations, limb restoration, cosmetic surgery


Treatment of liver and digestive system illnesses, illnesses of the intestines

EEG - Head-neck

EEG array for surgeries of the head and neck, mouth and jaw in surgical or preservative treatments in the nasal cavity and sinuses, the ears, the mouth, the pharynx and the throat, areas of the head and neck and the base of the skull


Prenatal genetic diagnosis, genetic diagnoses for children and adults. Genetics labs

Nuclear Medicine

Mapping and imaging of disease processes

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