Ichilov Medical Center: Personalized, World-class Medicine


The Ichilov Medical Center is a bustling hub where technology meets world-class patient treatment. With an extensive healthcare facility that spans over 2.7 million feet, patients, both local and from abroad, can rest assured that they will receive the care they need when they turn to this medical center in Tel Aviv.

Ichilov Medical Center: Personalized, World-class Medicine

Healthcare is an important part of any metropolis, and Tel Aviv boasts world-class facilities that patients can turn to for dependable medical treatment. 

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, which is also known as the Ichilov Medical Center, is one of the largest facilities of its kind in Tel Aviv. It caters to over 1.8 million people per year and spans over 2.7 million square feet.

About Ichilov Medical Center in Israel

Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv is the epicenter of healthcare treatment in the city. It is a 1500-bed government-run facility that is designed to cater to a population of more than one million people. 

This world-class facility is an academic medical center that is committed to providing high-quality patient care. Unlike other medical facilities, it places an emphasis on research and development, promoting growth and innovation in the field of healthcare.

Patient Care and Staff Base

The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center treats patients of all kinds, including children, women, heart patients, and much more. 

Every year, it sees the following: 

  • Approximately 400,000 patients
  • 145,000 births or deliveries
  • 36,000 surgeries
  • 1.8 million patient visits

As a leading Tel Aviv medical center, Ichilov Hospital focuses on teaching and developing future physicians for success in the field of healthcare. Moreover, its staff base consists of over 1100 people, with the promise of specialists for all ailments.

Historical Background

The facility began with one building in 1963 and has grown to encompass a variety of different structures. Currently, this healthcare center comprises the following: 

  • Ichilov General Hospital
  • Sammy Ofer Heart & Brain Building
  • Ted Arison Medical Tower
  • Lis Maternity and Women’s Hospital
  • Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital
  • Adams Health Science & Rehabilitation Building (which is still in the planning stages)


Moreover, it is affiliated with the Sheinborn Nursing School and the Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Medical School. 

In 2011, a bombproof urgent care unit with 700 to 1,000 beds was opened. The facility, which has 17 floors, is designed to withstand normal, chemical, and biological attacks. Construction of this facility started in 2008 and cost $110 million. It was designed by Arad Sharon, the grandson of Arieh Sharon, developer of the original building.

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Promoting Healthcare Excellence with the Perfect Teaching Environment

As a prominent teaching medical center in Tel Aviv, this facility is the embodiment of medical education, effectively integrating healthcare services with learning activities.

Creating an Innovative Learning Environment

Ichilov Medical Center functions as a dynamic hub where medical experts, learners, and researchers come together in order to establish a synergistic environment. 

One critical component of this facility is the merging of patient care and education. Unlike a regular hospital, it places an emphasis on education, providing medical students and residents with hands-on learning opportunities. This can have profound effects on the healthcare industry as a whole.

The Benefits a Teaching Medical Center Can Offer

There is a plethora of benefits that one can expect from choosing a medical center that places a focus on training and education.

A More Conducive Learning Environment

At Ichilov Medical Center, education goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. Students participate in an all-encompassing educational program that includes direct patient care, overseen by experienced instructors. 

This hands-on approach encourages logical decision-making, critical thinking, and empathetic patient interactions. Furthermore, the different patient situations encountered in these healthcare facilities expose students to a wide range of medical ailments, which improves their capacity to diagnose and treat a variety of maladies.

A Leader in Research and Development

The Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv contributes significantly to the advancement of the field of medicine through research and innovation. With an emphasis on evidence-based care, the facility actively participates in clinical trials, groundbreaking studies, and the development of innovative medical technologies. 

This not only enriches the academic community as a whole but also directly affects patient treatment. Patients at Ichilov Medical Center frequently have access to the most recent therapies and procedures, resulting in a dynamic healthcare environment at the cutting edge of medical developments.

Facilitating Career Advancement

This medical facility provides a support network for budding healthcare professionals. The relationships made during training can have a long-term effect on one’s career path. 

Furthermore, exposure to a wide variety of experts, including academics, researchers, and fellow students, allows for networking opportunities that might lead to joint research projects, fellowships, and employment opportunities. 

This kind of integrated community is crucial as medical students navigate their professions, offering a basis for ongoing learning and professional development.

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Why Choose Ichilov Medical Center?

As a patient, it’s important to think carefully about the healthcare treatment facility you choose. After all, the available equipment, technology, and expertise all play a role in your recovery. Here are a few reasons why Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Medical Center is the right one for you:

Accolades and Reputation

The institution has a good reputation for providing high-quality medical care and sophisticated infrastructure. In addition, the existence of a highly qualified and skilled team of doctors ensures that patients get the highest quality healthcare available. 

The facility is also accredited by the JCI, an international body that assesses the caliber of care supplied by healthcare organizations around the world. Ichilov Hospital became the most highly esteemed institute in the world as a result of its high success rate in treating illnesses that were previously thought to be incurable. 

Aside from that, the facility has been named one of the top 10 healthcare facilities for medical tourists by the prestigious American magazine Newsweek. The hospital also developed a multi-specialty service offering care for patients suffering from pulmonary fibrosis that was complicated by Covid-19.

These accolades are a testament to the reliability and attention to detail that you can expect from this institution. Furthermore, it attests to the facility’s dedication to quality and safety.

Catering to Both Local and International Patients

Another significant benefit of choosing this facility is the fact that its staff welcomes all patients, whether they are local residents or people from abroad. Ichilov’s treatment expenses are relatively lower than a lot of medical facilities, yet the equipment and services rendered are of an extremely high quality. 

The health center also assists with telemedicine services because many individuals require immediate assistance or are unable to make trips to the nation owing to medical limitations. While Hebrew is the native tongue of Israel, the facility provides interpreters for all foreign patients to ensure that they can communicate with their healthcare professionals. 

Furthermore, Ichilov’s transportation and lodging services are in addition to treatment programs, and all patients are fed fresh food. International patients can also expect follow-up calls from their healthcare specialist, which is always a nice touch.

World-class Facilities

If you haven’t already noticed, we will reiterate that Ichilov Medical Center offers world-class technology and healthcare that goes beyond the typical treatment you would expect. 

As a leader in innovation and with a phenomenal reputation worldwide, it aims to be at the forefront of patient care, so you can count on the facility to offer reliable treatment for a wide range of ailments.

Because the center is so extensive, it is able to cater to a wide range of patients, so regardless of the disease you are struggling with, you are likely to gain access to leading expertise when you choose this medical facility.

Comprehensive Range of Specialties

Ichilov Medical Center offers a broad range of areas of expertise, including cardiology, oncology, neurology, and orthopedics. The center’s multifaceted strategy guarantees that patients receive comprehensive, integrated care. 

Having a diverse set of specialties under one roof encourages collaboration among medical specialists, which leads to more coordinated and effective patient care.

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At the Heart of a Metropolis

Tel Aviv, where the Ichilov Medical Center is situated, is a thriving city noted for its cultural diversity and technological amenities. 

Choosing this medical institution gives you the added benefit of being in a global hub that offers not only outstanding medical care but also an inviting atmosphere for patients and their families.

Final Thoughts

In a world where innovation is the driving force of medical treatment, Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv stands apart from its competitors. Because of its world-class facilities and expertise, it has made a name for itself internationally. 

When you receive treatment at this institution, you can rest assured that you are doing what’s best for your health. With an impressive body of staff and state-of-the-art equipment, you will receive medical care that you can count on.

To learn more about this facility, fill out a contact form on the facility’s website and receive medical advice, no matter where in the world you are.