Ichilov Hospital Israel – The Most Advanced Hospital in Israel for Everyone


Those looking for the best doctors in the world, affordable rates, and immediate availability for patients don’t have to look further than the Ichilov Hospital in Israel. Not only is this institution known for having the smartest and most skilled professionals, but it also offers premium medical care for a fraction of the price, compared to Europe and the United States.

Hospitals in Israel have gained popularity for many reasons. Many locals praise their doctors and their advanced techniques when working.

Not only are these institutions known because of their technology and skills, but they’re also recognized because of their affordability. 

Quality of care in other countries like the United States is considerably expensive, with Americans paying up to four times more for their pharmaceutical drugs compared to other countries.

At Ichilov Hospital, you can get the best of what modern medicine has to offer. From exceptional prices to access to a wide range of services, patients worldwide can get the care they deserve for an affordable price.

Keep reading if you want to learn more about our most advanced hospital in Israel and why patients trust it.

About Israel’s Advanced Healthcare

Israel has done an excellent job of providing quality medical care for affordable prices. Not only do people get affordable and effective physical and mental health care when they need it, but many institutions also adapt to crises in record time.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, most patients with the infection were treated through different methods, ensuring the safety of everyone.

What sets Israel apart from other countries is its technologically advanced healthcare systems. You can expect modern facilities, premium-quality technology, and the latest studies for different areas. 

The country is also recognized as a world leader in medical/paramedical research, providing the most effective and groundbreaking treatments for people.

At Ichilov Hospital, there was a vision of integrating innovative experimental therapies into the world, ensuring everyone had a chance of making a full recovery, no matter their condition. 

Thanks to the efforts of several medical professionals and the implementation of unique techniques from Europe and America, patients can now enjoy unprecedented care.


Why Do Patients Travel to Israel for Healthcare?


One of the main reasons why many medical tourists are choosing Israel as their destination is price. Healthcare can often be one of the most expensive things to deal with, especially in countries like the United States.

Some people can’t afford to get a life-saving treatment at home, so they choose other, more affordable options. At Hospital Ichilov, these people can get a much lower price for their medical treatments without sacrificing quality.

Ichilov Hospital believes in making health more affordable, so it gladly welcomes anyone regardless of their race, religion, or gender. 

Since several departments make up the Ichilov Medical Care Complex, you can rest assured that the staff will find a professional that accommodates all your treatment needs.

Even those who can’t go to Israel immediately can receive telemedicine from a professional with years of experience in the field. You can expect to get your first appointment within 24 hours. Every second counts, and that’s what Ichilov Hospital focuses on.


Another reason why some people prefer traveling to Israel for healthcare is availability. As mentioned previously, Israel is known for offering advanced hospital care, the latest technologies, and the most groundbreaking research efforts in the industry.

Some people don’t get treated in their home countries because the institutions there don’t have it. Not all countries have the technology and skills to pull off complex procedures, and that’s where the experts at Ichilov Hospital come in.

On many occasions, it’s much more convenient to travel to Israel and get treated there than to pay for an expensive procedure at home. The lower price doesn’t mean the quality isn’t in high regard.

Many people in and out of Israel praise the country for its efforts in medicine and medical tourism. The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (or Ichilov Hospital) honors that praise by offering effective and groundbreaking services every year.


Why Choose Israel Ichilov Hospital?

Going to Ichilov Hospital is the first step toward getting a unique medical treatment experience. Since the medical center first opened in 1963, it has continued to evolve and grow, offering more opportunities to patients who lost hope with their treatments.

To this day, many people keep choosing Ichilov as their hospital of choice, and here are all the reasons why:

Prestige and Quality

Ichilov Hospital has gained recognition for its quality care, safety, and professional service. The Joint Commission International gave the hospital its “Quality Seal of Approval,” which shows how committed the institution is to offering unique medical services.

JCI has been a leading institution ensuring the safety and quality of hospitals for over 70 years. Earning a seal of approval from it isn’t an easy task, and Ichilov Hospital made it happen in 2017 thanks to its efforts.

The recognition shows that Ichilov Hospital commits every day to quality healthcare and offering an opportunity to people who need it.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to people traveling to another country to get treated. In Israel, this phenomenon is getting more popular every year because of the country’s unique health system, knowledge, and high-quality technology.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, about 30,000 tourists arrive in the country every year to get treatment. Most of these tourists come from Russia and Ukraine, although there are also a few from other Eastern European countries.

Even though some countries could see an increasing number of medical tourists as a sign of concern, Israel has a medical tourism law that helps prevent any negative impact on treatments for locals.

In other words, those looking for quality medical care will find it in Israel. Ichilov Hospital, specifically, commits to keep expanding to offer the best and most advanced treatments to everyone.

Experimental Treatments

Sometimes, traditional treatments aren’t the best option to cure a patient. Some may require unique approaches and studies to even find out what’s happening to them.

Ichilov Hospital’s approach to modern medicine ensures those with special cases can get proper treatment. The healthcare experts there combine medical techniques from different countries to come up with the best solution, which makes all the difference in certain treatments like cancer.

The Sourasky Medical Center, particularly, offers treatment for all types of cancer at any stage. Its Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), for example, is considered the safest approach to treat cancer cells while protecting the healthy ones.

Efficient Care

Ichilov Hospital is the country’s leading multidisciplinary healthcare institution. It means that it offers treatment in a wide range of areas, ensuring most patients’ needs are covered.

Some may consider services with lower prices to have a lower quality too. This isn’t the case with Ichilov Hospital.

At Ichilov, there are some of the best medical experts in the world who make an approach to care that’s equal to those in other large hospitals worldwide. People can now get premium quality treatment for a significantly lower rate.

While treatment costs will vary depending on what the patient needs, the staff at Ichilov is trained to offer quotes that adapt to the person’s unique needs and budget.

Immediate Availability

Waiting times affect many patients worldwide, especially in developed countries like the U.S. This can make all the difference between a person’s full recovery or worsening.

At Ichilov Hospital, you can expect immediate availability in most cases. Once you contact us, you can schedule your appointment within the next 24 hours. This is much faster compared to other facilities that make people wait weeks, months, or even more.

Wide Range of Hospital Units

There are many units where people can get treated. Since its foundation, Ichilov has expanded into many more buildings, including:

  • Ichilov General Hospital
  • Lis Maternity Hospital
  • Ida Sourasky Rehabilitation Center
  • Dana Children’s Hospital

No matter which services you may need, there’s a department ready to take them in. At Ichilov Hospital, we work with areas ranging from “Oncology” to “Nuclear Medicine.”

How to Contact Hospital Ichilov

Scheduling an appointment with Ichilov Clinic is easy for everyone. If you’re interested in talking to the staff, all you have to do is fill out the contact form on this website. You can also include a copy of your medical documents in the form so that the professionals can get a better idea of what you need.

Once the staff contacts you back, you can speak about your case more thoroughly, schedule your travel and accommodations if you come from another country, and more. Ichilov Hospital offers these accommodations in many of its treatment packages, which is excellent news for those wanting to save money.


Bottom Line

Hospital Ichilov has a lot of history, and it’s still growing. Every year, there are more experts, successful research projects completed, and new technologies to implement in daily treatments.

When you schedule an appointment with Ichilov Hospital in Israel, you’re guaranteed the most efficient care in the country. Those coming from other countries can also expect a warm welcome and the highest standard of quality in service.

All our professionals at Ichilov Hospital are qualified to treat people and get them the results they didn’t know they could get. As a world leader in many types of procedures, including surgery, you can expect the best of what the medicine industry has to offer.